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Saturday September 14th

Not a good day. First weekend back after holiday, and whole family went up to the plot to pick apples. Weíd almost finished stuffing the bags with Bramleys and Spartans and had made a start on the onions when I twisted my right ankle by the broccoli bed. In trying to right myself, I landed even more awkwardly on my left ankle and there was a snap sound and rather awful pain. I ended up sitting in the mud with the horrible feeling Iíd broken my ankle. Sir hauled me out and I had to hobble to the car using the long apple picker extension pole instead of my left foot. Didnít help that the right foot was also hurting a lot.


Several hours in A&E later with a very swollen foot, I had a pair of crutches, loads of painkillers and a probable sprain (though there was some uncertainty as to whether Iíd cracked a bone).


No more allotmenting for a while :-(



End Sept update: had recall for more X-rays but they have decided I just have a funny-looking bone. Driving, hobbling about but thatís about all. Foot and leg have gone purple all the way up to mid-calf level, so I have really sprained it in style. *sigh*


Sunday 22nd September

Managed to stand up long enough to string the onions up in the shed to dry out a bit.


Onions and shallots safely in the shed.



Sunday September 29th

Hobbled up with crutches (and it was painful enough even with the extra support) and picked the remaining marrows before they got eaten or frosted. Could barely bend so that was that!



October 2013


No real work done at plot by me! Gardening Lady however is gradually working her way through clearing under the apples, cutting back the rampant undergrowth. Overwinter there is going to be some serious chopping back of the shrubs too!


November 2013


More apple picking by the whole family, this time being very careful indeed! I now have stupid numbers of apples. Leeks looking big. Walking OK as long as I donít bend my foot sideways, which on this allotment is a challenge.


December 2013


Saturday December 14th

Can mostly walk OK now. Covered the onion bed and the courgette bed as I figure the first priority for overwintering is to get the shallot and spud beds weeded. Dug a ton of maincrop SŠrpo Mira reds up (they always keep in the ground beautifully) and I still think I missed some and some usable Charlottes! There is an awful lot of bindweed in the potato plot especially the waterbutt end and it prob needs digging to get it out...



Took down the canes and wire for the runner bean bed - canes now tucked up in shed at the house and the wire is wrapped round a post. The other post (the new one) is unbelieveably wobbly so will need a bit more walloping to get it in position again for next year. The runner beans did so well this year, Iíve got a freezerful.


And I left a bunch of sage for the Christmas stuffing up there. Sigh. Have to rescue it tomorrow.




Washed potatoes. The big one was 1lb 7.5oz!



Wednesday December 25th

Itís been a long time since I could list several homegrowns for Christmas dinner. Not quite as much as previously, but we had roast and mashed potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, braised red cabbage (with apple and onion), French beans and (almost) marrow from the plot. It should have been marrow and runner beans, but I tasted the marrow first and it was bitter, so I ditched it and didnít bother with the beans. Did the second stored marrow (much nicer, and with runner beans) for New Yearís Day.


Happy New Year!


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