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Saturday June 5th
Watering only this weekend, thanks to a combination of weather (too hot, then forecast rain) and migraines. Had an hour on Saturday morning to go up to the plots and water, while the boys had gone swimming. Threw lots of water on everything. Carrots are doing very well now, the parsnips too. Cabbages seem to be settling in for the season, so that is nice.
Unfortunately so are the weeds! The bed I dug over a couple of weeks back looks like I never touched it, and the one that Gardening Lady is scheduled to do next (a re-dig) looks like she never dug it in the first place either. Ouch. And I really do need to get the strimmer up there.

Meanwhile I did repair my plant house. Again. This was a small hardwood and polycarbonate structure which I bought in early 2005 and quickly proved extremely ricketty in its construction. I've reglued the inadequate tongue-and-groove joints a couple of times, stuck panel pins through them in early 2007 to secure them but none of this could help the doors, which had warped badly and finally just fell to bits as the 5mm-thick tongues rotted. I gave up, and bought a whole Ģ3.80 of treated softwood pieces, plus a fiver's worth of L and T brackets plus screws. There is now a rather more substantial pair of doors in place, held by the brackets, after I pinned the polycarbonate panels back onto the wider pieces of wood. There is a bit less light getting in, but at least it's intact again. *sigh* wonder how long itīll last this time...  

First job: hardening off the beans!


Carrots (and a bit of Fat Hen...)

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Onions, and a silly number of poppies  despite the hoeing!

Saturday June 12th


Took up the French Beans which had been happily hardening off in the rebuilt growhouse. Their place has been taken by the runners. After giving the bed a good going-over with the hand fork, and yet more bindweed evicted, it looks like this. Wonder how long that will last...
Meanwhile also went over the neighbouring bed yet again. More salsify shoots. More bindweed. But itīs all been nicely raked over now, so I can plant the sweetcorn if it ever deigns to grow more than an inch.

Wednesday June 16th
Rumour has it that thereīs an allotment in here somewhere...

160610_1tn 160610_3tn

AHA. There it is!


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