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As of the end of October, I am now the proud mum of a little baby boy, who is currently taking up most of my time! I am looking forward to getting up to the lotties again, but I had to have a caesarian section for a breech presentation and I can´t do anything physical or drive until my GP says so (hopefully at my 6-week check-up in early December). Then at last I can do stuff! Not that the weather´s been very helpful there...

My little MiniSir is doing fine (he has a very good pair of lungs!) and is so far a fairly green baby - we´ve been using eco-disposable nappies and haven´t found them to be as bad for leaks as I thought they might be, and also compostable wipes and nappy sacks. He´s been wearing a fair bit of hand-me-down clothing (though the new things he´s been given by friends and family are lovely and I am grateful to them for their gifts) and I´m trying to do as much ecological feeding (!) as I can despite finding it physically difficult. (Heredity´s a swine, sometimes. But I´m doing better than my own mother managed.)

He´s also been given rather appropriately, by Chris, a little green lion toy. Which was immediately and inevitably named Parsley. I guess that is showing my age... but if anyone doesn´t know why, see here.

I hope that next season I shall be out and about, perhaps not as much as previously, but growing low-maintenance things that will also teach MiniSir where food comes from and encourage him to garden in the future.