The Weather Page, 2006

I gave up trying to work out if we´re getting a decent amount of rain this year, and since the forecasters thought we wouldn´t,  I bought a small rain gauge.  Here are my records (updated weekly), and a sticky link to Metcheck (which I think´s neat) so current weather forecasts are displayed.


Month           total rain (mm)    average (mm)      % of ave     

April total:         30.75                     58                   53%

May total:          76                         59                  129%

June total:         5.5                        60                      9%

July total:          73                         53.1                 137%

August total:     80.5                       62                   130%

Sept total:         68                          68                   100%

October total:   124                         75                    165%

Rainfall averages are for the Chiltern Hills, calculated from the past 30-year records

October was very wet and took us to above average for the period since I started measuring. Hopefully we´ll keep going...